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Cross The Line

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  1. cross the line 1. Of an action, to cross some threshold into unacceptable or inappropriate behavior. Speaking that rudely to your teacher definitely crosses the line. 2. To misbehave or do something unacceptable or inappropriate. When you spoke that rudely to your teacher, you definitely crossed the line. See also: cross, line cross the line COMMON 1.
  2. when we cross the line this is our invitation to the party can't stand still on the side there's a door open wide and i tell you tonite's the nite when we must cross over who knows what we'll find EVERYONE: Cause tonite's the night When we cross the line Because tonite's the nite it's gonna happen You can't wait on the side there's a door open wide.
  3. Drawing on their years of street training and an almost telepathic mutual trust, Cross and Sampson go deep behind military lines to confront the most terrifying-and deadly-killers they have ever encountered. Behind these three highly skilled killing machines there appears to .
  4. May 23,  · When you consider how many books the author writes in any given year, it is easy to understand how some sort of formula must be necessary, but this story reads as if it were the only thing on this writer’s mind. If writing can have charisma, Cross the Line /5(K).
  5. cross the line definition: 1. to start to behave in a way that is not socially acceptable: 2. to start to behave in a way. Learn more.
  6. Cross the Line Radio is a weekly show where we deal with current events, debates, hot topics, and issues directly affecting the Black and Hispanic Community If you want to be a guest on the show Call Email [email protected]
  7. Aug 10,  · 'Crossing the Line' is a brilliant documentary of the life of Pfc James Dresnok since he defected as a young US soldier to North Korea in the mid-Sixties. He is said to be the only such living defector left in that country today/10().
  8. Crossing the line Also known as habitual line stepping. Owning someone so bad that there is actaual pain emotionally or physically to the person and you feel somewhat bad about it. Dude you just hit me in the eye with a pad lock comon now, you're crossing the line here.

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